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Our Fraser Valley classifieds are FREE to post in. There are some basic guidelines related to the classifieds:

1. Only FRASER VALLEY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA based ads. All others will be deleted. No exceptions. (Cities/Towns allowed: Abbotsford, Langley, Fort Langley, District of Mission, Aldergrove, Chilliwack, Agassiz, Harrison Hot Springs, Hope, District of Kent)

2. No Commercial Sales so if you own a business, you can’t advertise your products here. We have advertising and marketing solutions available at Fraser Valley Now.

3. No illegal, unethical, immoral or inappropriate postings. All those will be removed and the user removed permanently.

4. Do not post ads for guns, knives, or any controlled substances. Do not post ads for anything Cannabis or drug related.

5. All classified ads are limited to 30 days per ad and then will expire.

6. If we have missed a category that you feel we should add, please let us know through our online form.

7. Please follow us on Social Media!

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Information About Placing in Fraser Valley Classifieds

Typically classified advertising is inexpensive and a great way to find what you are looking for, sell, or give away! The Fraser Valley Now Classifieds provide a wonderful opportunity to list for free and place your ad in front of your immediate demographic. The Fraser Valley!

Placing an advertisement is something that many don’t take time to focus on. They simply throw up an ad and hope for the best. Breaking down the viewer experience is usually the best way to understand how to put an advertisement together. You first want to make sure imagery is part of your advert. Not just any plain old image you have in a file. Provide a top-quality image that allows the viewer to imagine your product or service in their own hand!

In addition to imagery, you definitely want to do a write up of some sort that describes exactly what your advertisement is about. Whether you are selling a bbq, or offering a job, the description you provide will definitely need to be impactful. People want to know all about the BBQ, what kind, how old, what it might need, etc., and for the job offer, well, that is pretty self explanatory. Don’t just type the position into the Title of the ad and call it a day. Outline the job and what it involves. You may also want to consider including the salary/hourly wage so you can receive contact from self qualifying candidates.

Information. That is what a classified ad breaks down to be. You need to provide information about whatever the ad is about. Take your time, write out some copy and take some awesome pictures. We will share awesome ads on our Facebook page and Twitter feed for free!

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